Five Fantastic Wedding Apps to use when planning your wedding

Weddings are big business and planning one can feel like a full-time job and I’m guessing you’ve already got one of those. As an experienced Liverpool wedding photographer, I talk to couples planning their weddings all the time. Below is a list of my favourite five wedding apps that I know have helped them to plan their weddings.  


A useful wedding app for managing your wedding budget is Mint

With Mint, you create a budget and it keeps track of your spending for you as it has a built-in free money manager. Its financial tracker also makes sure that all of your spending is recorded in one place by bringing together all of your bank accounts, credit cards and bills.

👉 Mint

2. Bridebook

A great wedding app for tracking and comparing wedding venues and suppliers is Bridebook. 

I love Bridebook. It has a host of wedding tools to help you with every stage of wedding planning. I particularly like its tool for compiling shortlists of your favourite venues and suppliers as you go along. Having them stored in one place allows you to compare them more easily to arrive at those all-important decisions.

👉 Bridebook

3. Appy Couple

A fantastic wedding app for managing all of your invites and RSVP’s is Appy Couple

Using Appy Couple means that you don’t have to contact all of your guests individually as they share information, updates and timings for the big day with your guests in one place. They also send invites, collects RSVPs and manage your guest list. You can use it instead of physical invites so is ideal if you’re planning a sustainable wedding. 

👉 Appy Couple

4. The Wedding Shop

A brilliant wedding app for managing your wedding gift list is The Wedding Shop

The Wedding Shop is a great all-round wedding planning app but I especially like their tool for managing your wedding gift list. If you can’t choose between a honeymoon fund, traditional gifts, charity donations of gift experiences you don’t have to. The Wedding Shop allows you to have it all in one place. You just create a gift list and The Wedding Shop takes it from there. Sharing your gift list with your guests, tracking who has brought what and even sending photo thank you cards on your behalf. 

👉 The Wedding Shop

5. WedBox

A handy wedding app for collecting other people’s pictures of your wedding is WedBox

Of course, you’ll book a professional wedding photographer, but guests will take photos of your wedding on their phones as well. Get your guests to download WedBox then they can upload all of the pictures they take at your wedding. This allows you then to simply download them and share them wherever you want to. This stops there being photos taken at your wedding that you never get to see.

👉 WedBox

I hope this blog has been helpful.  All of the Apps I have mentioned in this blog are free to use.  These five are just a small number of the apps that are out there.  So, see Wedding Apps as a knowledgeable and organised friend storing information for you and giving ideas and inspiration for your wedding day.   

Enjoy planning your wedding, and when it comes to booking a wedding photographer, feel free to give me a shout.  I’d love to hear about your wedding plans.