There is no denying that COVID has played havoc with wedding planning over the past 12 months. It was a curveball NO ONE could have predicted, but fingers crossed normality is starting to re-appear on the horizon. So let’s start with 8 simple mistakes to avoid

1. Remember To Focus

OK Let’s start with the BIG one!

No matter how intimate or grand your wedding, take time to remember what your wedding is really about – each other and the love that you share for one another.

Most of us can, and due become totally focused on the event, the wedding. This is totally natural, after all, you want the day to be perfect, your dream wedding. There is NOTHING wrong with this. Do it. Make your day beautiful, perfect, but don’t forget what is really important - each other.

Where possible lean into your partner from the very start of the planning process. Share and enjoy the process with as much as possible but don’t lose focus on what is truly important.

2. Don’t Forget To Plan

I do not believe anyone says yes to the idea of getting married, just so that they can spend the day feeling stressed! In reality, though few of us have ever planned an event as big as our wedding. Therefore, it’s all too easy to get stressed about all the small logistical and administrative demands of the day.


Big events tend to have teams of people helping, so try to think the same way for your big day, to help take some of the stress off yourself. Not even Beyonce rigs her own lighting!

Try to plan out your day as clearly as possible. While nothing sounds less romantic than “let’s look at the spreadsheet” you will find it immensely useful.

Speak to your suppliers, and venue to ensure that their schedules and yours match up, and be prepared to move things if needed,

Assign someone in your wedding party or a family member/friend to be in charge of keeping track of the day and to help coordinate any changes that WILL happen on the day.

Make a list of key contact numbers, and make sure someone you trust is willing to keep them safe.

Double-check contingency plans with your suppliers, and make sure they have a list of emergency contact numbers if needed

Closer to the day, double-check that all your vendors have a copy of the plan, and know who to speak to if needed.

Be selfish today! Don’t work your own wedding. Enjoy it.

Photo by Kim S. Ly on Unsplash

3. Remember to Take a Break

It is easy for wedding planning to become all-consuming, but it shouldn’t take over your engagement. Don’t forget to take a break every now and again to do something completely non-wedding related.

Make plans with your partner and include a rule that no wedding planning talk is allowed

With friends and family, make a conscious effort to discuss anything but your wedding.

It is easy, and sometimes more fun, to let the topic of your wedding to take over every conversation. While its natural to want to talk about your wedding with everyone, and anyone, try to stay connected with everything else going on it your world. It will help you relax and enjoy the engagement and wedding planning process.

4. Remember The Details

You will likely have spent hours, if not day picking the perfect items for your wedding day. Favours, Invites, and all those other special little details that make the day yours! Don’t forget to make sure you get them professionally photographed by your photographer!


Letting your photographer know in advance, what these items are is a sure-fire way to make sure they don’t get forgotten about on the day

Don’t forget to order a few extra copies of your paper goods not only for any potential mistakes (we all have been there… it happens and is ok!), but to save a clean, unused copy someplace safe to give to the photographer the day of the wedding. 


If your invitations are two-sided, meaning you want a picture of the calligraphy on the front of the envelope and the liner on the inside of the envelop, you will need two copies of your invitation, not just one copy. 

Photo by Felipe Salgado on Unsplash

5. Make them Sparkle

Wedding rings are the original wedding bling and unlike an engagement ring this time you both get to wear one! Remember to order your wedding bands with plenty of time before the wedding, and bringing them on the day helps!

Any weight loss can have an impact on your ring size, so if you are planning to shape up before the big day, check with your jeweller about how quickly your ring can be re-sized if needed


Get any important jewellery professionally cleaned by a jeweller the week of the wedding. This will help items really sparkle in your photos

6. Learn To Bustle

A wedding dress is not something most of us wear every day, and a wedding dress bustle can be a little complicated. The last thing you want is being delayed to join the reception as your bridesmaids try to figure out what string ties to what snap and how to make your wedding dress dance floor ready!

Where possible bring a friend along to your final fittings to learn the dark arts of bustling. If you can’t have anyone with you ask the seamstress hang your dress up on the hanger and show you how to do it yourself while you videotape them on your phone.

7. Plan For The Day

Weddings can be long days, and while months, if not years, of planning, goes into the day, post-wedding planning can be easily missed.

If you are staying at the venue, make sure you have an overnight bag along with clothes etc. taken to your room. Handling luggage in a weddings dress or suit can be hilarious, but probably best avoided if possible!

If you likely are having a cheeky glass or two during your reception, make plans for the morning hangover

If you leaving the reception, plan a getaway car for you and your partner your plans for the night. If there was a transport for your wedding party, make sure they have transportation plans home.

Finally, figure out the wedding venue clean up plans. Have someone in charge of grabbing your things out of the bridal suite, picking up any gifts and decoration items that need to be saved. Your venue contract likely has details on when things must be removed so you want to respect these and have someone else in charge of handling it so you can enjoy your first morning as husband and wife!

Photo by THE 5TH on Unsplash

8. Don’t forget to look after yourself

Before, during, and after the wedding take care of yourself. Eat healthy food, drink lots of water, and do the things that help centre yourself and keep you calm. It is so easy to get caught up in the stress of wedding planning and a stressed out, worn out, and overwhelmed bride doesn’t look good on anyone!

Do the things that make you the happiest and healthy during the entire wedding planning process, including the day of the wedding. If you want to go for a run or be alone to meditate - do it! There are no rules to follow, make it the day you want for yourself.


I hope you found some useful information in the above for the wedding day! Pull-on the community you have around you, as well as groups you can find online to help with all of the various details that go into wedding planning. You want to be relaxed and calm, cool and collected for your big day. Remembering all the little details will help you do just that to start your first day as a married couple off right!