Hi, I’m Matthew

Hi, I’m Matthew

Oh, and that’s Logan our 3-year-old Great Dane. He is rubbish with a camera though so don’t worry about him!

I have been a professional portrait and wedding photographer, since 2011 & absolutely love my job and the couples that I work with.

Storytelling has always been a passion, and for as long as I can recall photography has played a central role in these.


Pre-digital, I perused my love of photography through formal education, studying art. Building on the taught principles, of composition, lighting and I soon developed my own style. Taking the elements, that I loved, from documentary photography, portrait photography and fine art photography, while leaving out the elements I felt didn’t work for me.


It was a style that clients instantly loved, and when I started shooting portraits and weddings professionally in 2011 became distinctively mine. Producing images with the natural warmth, emotion and life but with a creative eye for composition and telling a story

My Love For Travel

"Photography and travel have been two inseparable passions, I have been fortunate enough to enjoy both."

No matter the number of countries visit, the opportunities to explore never seems to get any smaller!

Every trip I have taken has been an opportunity to opportunity to explore, to see something new and to push myself creatively as a photographer. Lost in Saim and Street are two photo journals from some of my travels. From Bangkok in Thailand to Moscow in Russian, and more than a few countries between. For my personal projects, I use the same unique creative style as my wedding photography, focusing on documenting moments that tell a story,

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill