Choosing your ideal wedding photographer can seem overwhelming. Even if you are familiar with photography, its seemingly endless use of buzz words and jargon, how do you pick who is right for you? In reality, it needn’t be!

First think back to your own personal photographs, what images instantly make you smile, or giggle or laugh, which images genuinely mean something to you?

Right now, I will take a guess that few if any of those images were planned, staged or (do I dare say this) even taken by a professional. They are most often snapshots, take by those closest to us, during moments we hold precious & because they truly mean something, they are absolutely timeless. These images remind us of a story, they can transport us instantly back and, in our minds, magically come alive.

Black and white photo, page boy getting ready
Black and white photo of wedding ceremony at Sy Georges Hall Liverpool
Young guest taking here own photos at wedding in the Wirral
Black and white photo of bride dancing with her father

To capture these images, repeatedly, at your wedding I use my own unique and creative approach.

There will be hundreds, of fleeting moments of joy and emotion were the unobtrusive style of reportage wedding photography,  documentary wedding photography or wedding photojournalism (they are all very similar) works best. At other moments I love to talk to and interact with your guest, to bring life into an image, I will honestly love being at your wedding as much as they do. Allow me to stay late enough and you will most likely find me on the dance floor, photographing the party from the centre of the action (I can’t but do even occasionally try to dance!) long into the night.


I have created this approach over 11 years working professionally in photography, creating a unique style that my clients love. It creates images that are as unique and personal as they are and enjoyed over and over again.


What about group shots and portraits?


Traditional wedding photography used to be all about group shots and individual portraits, mainly because the film was so expensive. While I no longer charge by the number of rolls shot, group shots and individual portraits still form part of my day’s photography.


To keep everything as painless as possible for everyone involved group shots are typically kept to a minimum and organised quickly. The groups you wanted to include would be discussed before your wedding, but there is always the option of being flexible on the day.


Portraits are a personal choice but typically allow you 15 to 20 minutes alone as a couple after the ceremony. I usually try to keep this a low key as possible, again focusing on the natural emotions of you both as a newly married couple, but with minimal direction to create stunning images. This most often falls under the category of contemporary wedding photography but is really just yet another buzz word.

“My unique style was developed to tell the story of your wedding as naturally & beautifully as possible. Capturing sincere, faithful and honest images that create a timeless record of your wedding day, that you will treasure for many years to come."

If you would like to talk with me about my style and approach, check my availability or simply chat through your photographic requirements, visit my wedding prices and packages page.

Alternatively, if you would like to read about my natural wedding photography style and approach in greater depth, my article 'What is documentary wedding photography (and what it is not) might be of interest.