As an experienced Liverpool wedding photographer, I have seen an increasing trend towards original, fun and personalised wedding favours at weddings.  So, whether you are looking for thoughtful, fun, delicious, personalised or keepsake wedding favours.  Here are 10 ideas 

1. Wedding favours for your guests to eat. 

Does anyone actually like sugared almonds? (I actually do 🤣) Would you choose them over popcorn, or a fresh ring doughnut or a pretty cake pop, or some gift-wrapped marshmallows, or fun fortune cookies, or beautifully boxed individual meringues, a tablet of fudge, truffles or pretty macarons.  Then there are edible gifts for guests to take home like personalised jars of honey or jam, miniature jars of Nutella with guest’s names on them.  Fresh tea leaves or ground coffee or a gift-wrapped hot chocolate kit.  For a host of edible favours take a look at Popkakery. 


2. Wedding favours for your guests to keep

A gift to take home and keep is ideal as a wedding favour, a personalised scented candle is a safe bet and will look great on the table. Personalised glasses (will blend in with your scheme) tasteful photo frames can be purchased very cheaply from places like Ikea, A personalised tote bag is useful or for Christmas weddings a personalised bauble. A great place for personalised gifts is Not on the Highstreet


3. Wedding favours that give something back

Charity - Wedding Favour Ideas

Charity wedding favours are a thoughtful way to show your support to a favourite charity and donate to a cause close to your heart.  You will also be giving your guests a meaningful keepsake of your special day.  Just sign up with the charity of your choice and they’ll send you a selection of wedding favours.  The perfect way of sharing your joy by giving something to others on your wedding day.  Most major charities do them so just go to the website of your chosen charity for more information.  

4. Wedding favours with a gig or festival theme

Get the party started early on in the day with fun and quirky wedding favours. How about a temporary tattoo image of the two of you that can be transferred onto the back of your guest’s hands, or festival-style friendship wristbands, glitter and sparkle kits, fairy wings for the children, or access all areas passes and lanyards or festival headline t-shirts listing the details of your wedding day. Take a look at Etsy for inspiration. 


5. Wedding favour ideas for giving your guests something to drink

A little shot of something in cute bottles always makes great wedding favours. Like miniature bottles of prosecco or pink gin, or a shot of whisky. You can really dress them up with themes such as Alice in Wonder style ‘drink me’ bottles of Harry Potter’s potions and miniature hip flasks are fun. For tons of fun ideas for wedding favours you can drink take a look at


6. Wedding favour ideas for children

Keeping children entertained at your wedding is an investment.  Happy relaxed kids make for happy relaxed parents.  Colouring, blowing bubbles and sweets always work and are inexpensive.  If you’re looking for something more try a picture book, finger puppets, or a puzzle in a matchbox.  Take a look at 👉 who sell a fantastic range of children’s activity packs. 

7. Wedding favour ideas that you can plant

If you’re looking for something pretty with meaning then take a look at giving flower seeds as wedding favours. They are economical, eco-friendly and beautifully presented in a rustic seed packet that is personalised with your names and the date of your wedding. They can be chosen to compliment your table decorations. Set at each place or grouped in a display. Wedding in a Teacup has a great selection. 


8. Wedding favours ideas that you can grow

Or you could choose to buy your guests a plant as a wedding favour.  Keep it simple with low maintenance plants like cacti and succulents.  Gift to each guest as a reminder of your wedding day.  They can be wrapped or ribboned to match your theme.  A good supplier is The Joy of Plants


9. Wedding favour ideas for winning some money! 

Why not bring a bit of fun to your wedding by placing scratch cards on your tables? I would advise you to go for bigger odds with lower cash prizes. This way you’ll get more winners of low amounts and nobody overshadowing your wedding by suddenly becoming a millionaire! Several companies make personalised scratch card envelopes. Take a look at A Farmer’s Daughter.


10. Wedding favour ideas for something useful at the wedding

The guy who initiatives the drinking of shots at the bar will really appreciate that hangover kit you gave him. (Put in paracetamol, eye drops, mouthwash, ginger or a peppermint tea bag for nausea.) The woman who’s feet are killing her will really appreciate those flip flops. And for destination weddings in hotter climates, personalised hand fans for your guests will go down really well and make a great keepsake afterwards. For inspiration take a look at The Personalised Wedding Company. 


11. Wedding favour ideas for feet

Feet - Wedding Favour Ideas

Yes, you heard me right, feet. Feet take a battering at weddings. Show me a woman in heels at the start of the wedding day and I’ll show you a woman who’ll be glad of a pair of flip flops before the nights out. So, whether you choose to give your bride squad some personalised slippers, your guests some dancefloor flip flops or put a pair of personalised cosy socks in your hangover kits, know that your guests will be glad of them. 

So that concludes my 10 unique wedding favour ideas. I hope it has been helpful. Wedding favours are fun but not essential so you can skip them if you wish. Or just limit them to children and/or your wedding party.

Whatever you choose to do with wedding favours, I hope I’ve shown you there’s a host of ideas and suppliers out there to help you.