september 20, 2019 - the bridge hotel

the guests

Mark & Colette had chosen to get married The Bridge Hotel in Weatherby, located in a tranquil country setting at the heart of Yorkshire. The weather was once again gorgeous. as we arrived at the hotel, early enough to pinch a prime parking spot. Arriving early and pinching prime spot has several advantages, but the main one is certainly being able to leave some of the bulkier & heavy equipment stored away safely, but close enough to grab once needed. After being treated to a coffee and light snack, we were shown around by the staff, and able to start making plans for the day including where to place light stands etc.

Using Julia, my wife and trainee assistant as a model, everything we got everything dialled in and headed back to the bar in time to catch the guest arriving and enjoying a few pre-wedding drinks inside.

the bride

Colette had the Eliot Room as a bridal suit, a short walk from the Byron room where the marriage would be taking place. A walk made a little more interesting, by a narrow set of stairs that certainly help focus the mind for anyone wearing a wedding gown and heals. Shortly before 1pm though, and with the guest now seated out of sight, Colette was safely outside the Bryon room with her father and greeted by the registrar for the final formalities.

the wedding

The Byron room with ornate baroque styled plasterwork and large windows made for an amazing entrance for any bride. On the arm of her rather proud looking farther, Colette looked every part the stunning bride, and after expertly navigating another, yet smaller, flight of stairs was soon stood side by side, with her husband to be Mark.

After a lighthearted ceremony, Mark and Colette said I Do as a married couple, and with some help signed their agreement in to the registry. After being greeted with a Champaign reception the newlywed bride and group lead their guests out to enjoy the late September sun.

the red carpet

Any pre-wedding nerves now long dismissed, the couple lead their fiends and family out onto the red carpet, to enjoy a glass of champaign and bucks fizz. Not wanted any posed photos, Mark & Colette relented to pressure from their friends for a quick second go on the red carpet but this time with confetti. Sometimes its not the photographers who are the bossy ones!

the WEDDING breakfast

No one ever wants to be photographed eating. As normal, however, I made sure I was with the guest to see the Bride and Groom announced and capture the atmosphere before food started to arrive. As with every other part of the day, no table was short of laugher and fun either before or after the meal.

post meal

With the sun still shining and without almost a single cloud in the sky, post meal drinks soon moved outside as people enjoyed the weather. Some of the younger ones however decided to remain indoors and enjoyed playing in the shade.

rothwell crusaders

There would be no surprise to see a wedding car at a wedding, but Colette and Mark had something a little different for theirs, Scooters! Unsurprisingly, Colette hadn't chosen to arrive on the back of one of these wonderful machines, but The Rothwell Crusaders Scooter Club certainly made an entrance all of their own. Apparently, their attendance wasn't a total surprise, as Mike and several of the guest were already well acquainted with the members. There were several attempts to convince Colette to take a short ride, but she sensibly decided it was more practice to have her photo taken next to rather than on one of the bikes.

the evening

As the late afternoon turned into evening the music & dancing started with an amazing live band who soon had everyone up on their feet, with the warm evening air offering the perfect escape for anyone needing to rest their dancing feet or simply wanting to take their moves outdoors!